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Originally founded in 1983 by the Black Law Students Association, the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal is an annual publication edited by students at Harvard Law School.


BlackLetter is committed to publishing manuscripts that address social and economic issues affecting racial and ethnic minorities as well as innovative works by minority scholars and students.


BlackLetter invites Harvard Law students and our community beyond Harvard Law  to join us for events on issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality, including our annual symposium.

Volume 19

Law and Education: Affirmative Action Under Attack The Struggle for Access from Sweatt to Grutter: A History of African American, Latino, and American Indian Law School Admissions, 1950–2000 William C. Kidder Integrating Elite Law Schools and the Legal Profession: A...

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Volume 18

Critical Race Theory: New Strategies for Civil Rights in the New Millennium? Bernie D. Jones, Ph.D. candidate, History Department, University of Virginia The Rhetoric of Resistance: Islamism, Modernity, and Globalization Aliya Haider, J.D. candidate, Harvard Law...

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Volume 17

In Memoriam: David A. Charny In Memoriam Peter J. Keith In Memoriam Sharon Dolovich Interactions at Work: Remembering David Charny Devon W. Carbado and Mitu Gulati Symposium: Border People and Antidiscrimination Law Introduction R. Richard Banks American Mixed Race:...

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Volume 16

In Memoriam: A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Remembering Leon Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University A Man for All Seasons F. Michael Higginbotham, University of Baltimore School of Law The Complicated Ingredients of Wisdom and Leadership Michael A. Fitts, University of...

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Volume 15

In Memoriam: Spottswood W. Robinson, III Stephen L. Carter Carol Chomsky Chief Judge Harry T. Edwards Oliver W. Hill Judge Patricia M. Wald Judge Abner J. Mikva Articles: The Categories of Difference Foreword: Categorical Exclusivity Ben Glassman Implementing...

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Volume 1

Read the first issue of the Harvard BlackLetter from January 1983.

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