Ames Moot Court Competition

The Ames Competition is one of the country’s most prestigious competitions for appellate brief writing and advocacy. The annual competition takes place in three rounds, beginning with the qualifying round in the fall, followed by the semi-final round in the spring, and culminating in the final round the following fall.

Final Ames Results!

Best Oralist: David Denton Best Brief: Petitioners Overall: Petitioners Congrats to our own Phil Mayor and all of the phenomenal Ames participants and organizers! Liked the LiveBlog? Follow the 2011 Ames Semifinals...

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Ames Moot Court Final Results!

We recently liveblogged (click here) the Ames Moot Court Competition at Harvard Law School. Oral Argument for the Final Round was held on November 16th at 7:30 PM in the Ames Courtroom and presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts. Find the 2011 Ames Semifinals...

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Ames Liveblog

Welcome to the CR-CL Liveblog! CJ= Chief Justice Roberts, JG= Judge Gibbons, JM= Judge Murphy, Oralists will be denoted by their initials. The Ames Moot Court Liveblog: Updates automatically. No need to refresh the page! [liveblog]

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