Local 1330 v U.S. Steel: 30 years later

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Friday, Feb 25, 2011, Pound Hall 335


12:00pm: Lunch
Screening: Shout Youngstown
A documentary by Carol Greenwald & Dorie Krauss using video, archival footage and oral histories to explore the closings of three major steel plants in Youngstown, Ohio, between 1976 and 1980.

1:00pm: History: Remembering Local 1330

  • Panelists: Staughton Lynd, lead counsel for Local 1330
  • Mike Stout, grievance chairperson, Local 1397
  • Moderator: Harris Freeman, Western New England College of Law; Commonwealth Employee Relations Board

Both as a retrospective of the case and a starting point for discussion, this panel will provide historical context, describe the litigation and preceding events, and situate the case within the broader framework of property and labor law and the political economy of deindustrialization.

2:00pm: Coffee break

2:10pm: Pedagogy: Teaching Local 1330

  • Panelists: Joe Singer, Harvard Law School
  • Karl Klare, Northeastern University School of Law
  • Michael Fischl, University of Connecticut School of Law
  • Moderator: Brishen Rogers, Temple University Beasley School of Law

This panel will explore the role of Local 1330’s impact on the classroom and beyond, specifically as the case has been used in critical legal pedagogy over the past thirty years. Discussion will focus on its significance to current discussions about labor, de-industrialization, and the role of law in shaping the economy. If the result was unjust, then why was the case decided as it was and how could future cases be decided differently? What can this case tell us about the legal system and judicial decision-making?

3:30pm: Legacy: Labor Today

  • Panelists: Katherine Stone, UCLA School of Law
  • Mark Brenner, Director, Labor Notes
  • Haeya Yim, Policy Associate, Bureau of Immigrant Worker Rights, NY Dept. of Labor
  • Moderators: Lela Klein, SEIU Law Fellow

Using the labor activism and the lawyers’ innovative application of legal theory in Local 1330 as a starting point, this discussion will address the changes that have taken place in legal and political landscapes since the late 1970s and how those differences shape the labor market, legal strategies, and organizing today.

5:00pm: Reception and further conversations with the panelists