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The annual Ames Competition takes place in three rounds, beginning with the Qualifying Round (held in the fall of competitors’ 2L year), followed by the Semi-Final Round (held in the spring of competitors’ 2L year), and culminating in the Final Round (held in the fall of competitors’ 3L year).

This year’s Semi-Final Round will take place on Tuesday, March 22nd and Wednesday, March 23rd at 6pm. The briefs and appendices for both nights are available for download on the website for the HLS Board of Student Advisors, who run the competition.

This year we will be featuring guest-blogging by Jason Harrow and Phil Mayor, oralists from the 2010 winning Ames team. Check out our coverage of the fall 2010 final here and then come back at 6pm on 3/22 and 3/23 for live coverage of the 2011 semifinals!

Wednesday March 23rd


The Teams


The Whitney Harris Memorial Team – Appellant

Randy Benjenk

F. Jamal Fulton, Oralist

Anit K. Jindal

Samuel Moses Simon, Oralist

David Kreiter Solow

Betny Townsend

The Belva Ann Lockwood Memorial Team – Appellee

Caroline Anderson, Oralist

Matthew Greenfield, Oralist

Stephen Pezzi

Mitchell Reich

Stephanie Simon

Noah Weiss


The Judges


The Honorable Kermit Lipez

United States District Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

The Honorable Kiyo Matsumoto

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York

The Honorable Vanessa Ruiz

District of Columbia Court of Appeals


Oralists and judges will be denoted by their initials. When Phil and Jason post a comment they will be denoted as “P:” or “J:”

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