Submissions for Volume 60.1 are now closed. Submissions for Volume 60.2 will open in fall 2024.


Outside Articles submissions for 60.1 closed on February 11, 2024. Submissions for 60.2 will open in fall 2024.

Please submit to our Outside Articles team if you are a:

  • Professor or legal practitioner with a J.D. or more;
  • Current SJD student; or a
  • Current LLM student who has practiced law professionally as an attorney or equivalent.
  1. We prefer to receive submissions through Scholastica. However, we also encourage any authors for whom submission through Scholastica might be a financial burden to submit via email to No preferential weight will be given to either method of submission during the selection process.
  2. Please submit your article and current CV. Footnotes should comply with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020). Authors must submit manuscripts of less than 30,000 words, including footnotes.
  3. Please complete this mandatory form along with your submission. CR-CL will not review submissions from authors who have not completed this form.
If your manuscript contains empirical analysis, please include: (1) detailed descriptions of your data collection process and methodology, (2) a statement confirming Institutional Review Board approval (if applicable), and (3) sufficient information to allow your analysis and conclusions to be independently confirmed.
Submissions for Volume 60.1 opened on January 12, 2024 for academics, practitioners, and other law school graduates, and will close on February 11, 2024. Questions or concerns? You can contact us at


Submissions for 60.1 are now closed and submissions for 60.2 will open in fall 2024.

Please submit to our Student Writing team if you are a:

  • Current JD student; or
  • Current LLM student who has not yet practiced law professionally.

Please note that we are unable to review submissions from undergraduate students at this time.

All submissions must include an anonymized cover letter containing: 1) a one half-page preemption check, which includes an examination of existing literature on the topic and an explanation of what the proposal will add to such literature, 2) a list of professors and, if applicable, comments from professors with whom you are working, or plan to work, and 3) a list of sources you relied on. Please feel free to reference these slides from our information session which explain the submission requirements in greater detail. A recording of the information session is available here.

Cover letters must also include: 1) a one half-page abstract modeled after a traditional law review article abstract, which includes a thorough thesis and counterarguments, and 2) an expected due date for a final draft if applicable.

Submissions will be anonymized, so do not include your name or any identifying information in the body of your paper. The submission form will become available when submissions are open.

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