Executive Board

Presidents and Editors-in-Chief
Emily Gruber & Emily Shah

Managing Editor
Jared Long

Executive Technical Editor
Quentin Levin

Executive Articles Editors
Jack Deschler
Lucas Rodriguez
Nithin Venkatraman

Executive Online Editor
Brandon Broukhim

Executive Submissions Editors
Rosalind Chavier
Micah Rosen
Zach Woodward

Congress Editors
Maggie Hopkins
Noam Krainin
Jake Tuckerman
Joy Wang

State and Local Politics Editors
Bobby Isbell
Sam Jacobson

Online Content Editor
David Britto

Symposium Chairs
Audrey Cheng
Danielle Mikaelian
Hope Morris
Maggie Riley

Events Chair

Student Writing Editor
Maleeha Chida

Public Relations Chair
Logan Knight