2012 Symposium: Government Outsourcing and Privatization


2012 Symposium Pamphlet

February 16, 2012

Wasserstein Hall, Room 2009

Harvard Law School

Cambridge, MA

12:05 — Opening remarks by Symposium Chairs

12:10 — Opening remarks by Dean Minow

12:20 — Discussion Panel: What is Inherently Governmental? Defining the Limits, if any, on Government Outsourcing

  • Elizabeth Alexander — Former director of the ACLU National Prison Project
  • Robert Burton — Partner at Venable LLP; former Director of Federal Procurement Policy for President George W. Bush
  • John Donahue — HKS Professor; former Deputy Secretary of Labor for President Clinton
  • Stan Soloway — President of Professional Services Council, a government contractor advocacy group
  • Charles Tiefer — University of Baltimore law professor; former member of the Commission on Wartime Contracting

MODERATOR: Professor Matthew Stephenson, Harvard Law School

2:00 — Break

2:30 — Discussion Panel: Keeping Social Security Secure: Equity, Efficiency, and Privatization

  • Nancy Altman — Co-director, Social Security Works and Co-Chair, Strengthen Social Security coalition and campaign
  • Jagadeesh Gokhale — Senior Fellow, Cato Institute Project on Social Security Choice
  • Gary Koenig — Director of Economic Security, AARP Public Policy Institute
  • Jeffrey Liebman — Professor, HKS; Former coordinator, Clinton Administration’s Social Security reform technical working group

MODERATOR: Professor Howell Jackson, Harvard Law School

4:00 — Closing Remarks

4:10 — Reception