The Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review provided a live blog of the First Semifinal Round of the 2012 Ames Moot Court Competition on March 20, 2011.  Readers could follow the judges’ questions and the oralists’ arguments, answer trivia questions, and submit questions and comments.  The full live blog can be replayed below the results.  For updates on future CRCL live blogs and events be sure to follow our regular Twitter account, @HarvardCRCL, and our live events account, @CRCL_Live.

2012 Ames First Semifinal Round Results:

Best Overall:

The Gordon Hirabayashi Memorial Team, petitioners
Yaira S. Dubin
Emma L. Freeman (oralist)
Benjamin F. Jackson
Michael D. Lieberman (oralist)
William H. Milliken
Michael J. Springer

Best Brief:

The Robert Cover Memorial Team, Respondent
Jordan Baehr
William Dreher
Kristin Garcia
Adam Goodman (oralist)
Graham Phillips
Rachel Sachs (oralist)

Best Oralist:

Emma Freeman