The Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, the country’s preeminent progressive law journal, has opportunities available on our Editorial and General Boards. Founded in 1966 by students dedicated to protecting and furthering the social justice advances of the Civil Rights Movement, CR-CL has been publishing revolutionary scholarship for over 50 years. As we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the journal, the struggle for justice is just as urgent as ever.

We hope you’ll consider joining our community by applying for CR-CL’s General or Editorial Board. Detailed descriptions of available positions can be found in the FAQ here. You can submit your application to the General Board here, and to the Editorial Board here.  Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis (with preference given to earlier applications) and are due by Friday, July 26, at 11:59 p.m., and we will be informing you of our decisions by Wednesday, July 31. The application contains additional information about what is required.  You can apply for the G-Board or E-board even if you haven’t worked with CR-CL, so please feel free to pass on the application to any interested friends.

Serving on the General Board gives you the opportunity to read and discuss pioneering legal theories and strategies for expanding rights and access to justice with other law students interested in revolutionary law. Because CR-CL has a democratic articles selections process, the General Board actively directs our journal’s content. Members vote to decide which articles CR-CL will publish at our board meetings after discussing and debating the merits of promising submissions. Through this process, you will have the chance to learn more about civil rights and civil liberties issues and help shape social, cultural and political discourse in both legal academia and advocacy practices. General Board members will have the opportunity to submit original writing to CR-CL’s blog: Amicus, participate in CR-CL’s podcast: Taking Liberties, and shape the future of the journal by serving on CR-CL’s New Initiatives Committee.

The General Board also gives you access to a diverse, supportive membership devoted to radical principles and social justice. This year, we’ll continue opportunities to learn from and socialize with your peers through monthly “think and drink” evenings, as well as lunch talks, lectures, a mentoring program, CR-CL’s famous parties, and a 55th Anniversary Celebration.