Criminal Legal System


Our unemployment rate fails to account for mass incarceration. Mass incarceration disproportionately affects black communities. Unemployment data fails to account for this, which makes the disparity between black and white men in employment appear smaller than it really is. (Washington Post)


The ACLU and LDF are calling on Congress to respond to fatal police shootings. Civil rights groups submitted a letter to the Working Group on Policing Strategies. “Todd A. Cox, LDF’s policy director, said, ‘The deaths of Stephon Clark, Danny Ray Thomas, and Saheed Vassell underscore the urgent need for Congress to pass life-saving policing reform legislation. Our nation’s lawmakers must finally take action to require national data collection on police use of force and de-escalation training rather than advancing unnecessary punitive measures that threaten to put Black and Brown lives at greater risk.’” (The Leadership Conference)


Voting Rights


Florida Governor Gov. Rick Scott is appealing a federal judge’s order to change Florida’s system for restoring felons’ voting rights. Only one in four states, including Florida, automatically restricts felon voting rights for life.   Florida is one of only four states that automatically limits felons’ voting rights for life. Gov. Scott argues that the state needs more time to fix its system. (Tampa Bay Times)


Employment Discrimination


MALDEF files a class-action against a New Jersey financial firm for refusing to hire qualified DACA recipients. The complaint alleges discrimination based on “alienage,” which is prohibited by a civil rights statute–Section 1981. (MALDEF)


Gender Equality


The gender wage gap is even more prevalent among rural women, especially, rural women of color. The often media portrayed image of rural as synonymous with the white male ignores the many women of color living in rural areas and suffering from lower economic opportunity. (Center for American Progress)


Pro cheerleaders regularly endure sexual harassment and groping as a part of their jobs. Interacting with fans is a requirement, but leaves women extremely vulnerable to inappropriate comments and other forms of harassment. In describing the problem, cheerleaders describe the leagues as complicit in allowing fans to harass them. (New York Times)


Ninth Circuit rules on Monday that employers cannot justify the wage gap between male and female employees based on salaries at their previous jobs. The Court found this to be gender discrimination, which will allow for many women to make claims under the Equal Pay Act. (Vox)





The Government Accountability Office report reveals racial bias in school discipline. This report comes at an essential time, when the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is examining whether to overturn Obama era guidance limiting school discipline. Republicans argued that this guidance contributed to the Parkland, FL shooting. (New York Times)




Here’s a breakdown of Trump’s twitter claim about the FBI raid as a breach of attorney-client privilege. While searches of attorney offices are rare, Justice Department rules allow for it under certain circumstances. (NPR)