Table of Contents

Symposium—Surveillance and Expansion of the Carceral State
Carceral Control: A Nationwide Survey of Criminal Court Supervision Rules
by Kate Weisburd

The Great Replacement: White Supremacy as Terrorism?
by Khaled A. Beydoun & Nura A. Sedique

Surveillance Normalization
by Christian Powell Sundquist

Ambivalent Advocates: Why Elite Universities Compromised the Case for Affirmative Action
by Jonathan P. Feingold

Studying the Hazy Line Between Procedure and Substance in Immigrant Detention Litigation
by Laila L. Hlass & Mary Yanik

Pinkerton Guards and Debtors’ Prisons: The Historical Precursors to the Modern Practice of Restitution Exploitation
by Carrie Leonetti

(The Limits of) Judicial Resegregation
by David Schraub

Fulfilling the Promises of Our Preamble: A Holistic Approach to Transitional Justice in the United States
by Sujaya Rajguru

Harnessing Religious Arguments for The Benefit of Trans Advocacy: A New Approach
by Nitsan Plitman

Contracting for Debt: The Relationship Between Debt Capitalism, Higher Education, and the Black-white Wealth Gap
by Magali Duque