Table of Contents

Symposium—Topics in the Law of the Transgender Rights Movement
Foreword: The Current State-Federal Dichotomy in Transgender Law
by Kylar W. Broadus

Mia Yamamoto & Shelby Chestnut In Conversation
by Mia Yamamoto & Shelby Chestnut

As-Applied Equal Protection
by Katie Eyer

You Should be Ashamed of Yourself: Privacy Claims by Transgender Litigants and Navigating Transnormativity
by Kendra Albert


Educational Death Sentences: Addressing the Plight of Students with Disabilities in Adult Jails and Prisons
by Seth E. Packrone

Illegitimate Families
by Susan Hazeldean

Gideon Is in the House: Lessons from the Home-Renters’ Right-to-Counsel Movement
by Cassie Chambers Armstrong


The New Abolition: The Legal Consequences of Ending All Slavery and Involuntary Servitude
by Ryanne Bamieh

Quizás Se Puede: Evaluating Union Success in Incorporating Immigrant Workers
by Mimi Goldberg