Table of Contents

Symposium—Indigenizing Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Chief Justice Angela R. Riley and Professor Suzette Malveaux in Conversation at the Eleventh Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture: The Third Sovereign: Tribal Courts and Indian Country Justice
by Angela R. Riley & Suzette Malveaux

Responsible Governance and Tribal Customary Rights
by Kekek Jason Stark

Access to Justice in the Shadow of Colonialism
by Kirsten Matoy Carlson

Where’s Mr. Postman? The Struggles of Voting by Mail in Indian Country
by Torey Dolan

Native Nation Resistance to the Machinations of Settler Colonial Democracy
by Nazune Menka


Policing State Police: System Reform Within the “Fiction” of Ex parte Young
by Sharon Brett

“Silent Revolution”: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Invisible Influence on the Model Penal Code
by Daniel Butler Friedman

The Missing Half: Revisiting Monetary Remedies to Redress Racial Segregation
by Olatunde C.A. Johnson

Neighbors Without Notice: The Unequal Treatment of Tenants and Homeowners in Land Use Hearing Procedures
by Sarah Schindler & Kellen Zale


Disability Environmental Justice: How § 504 of the Rehabilitation Act Can Be Used for Environmental Justice
by Joshua M. Alpert

The Enduring Value of the Past: Why History Suggests the Supreme Court Reconsider Watson, Terry, and the Doctrine that Followed
by Ryan Miller