Table of Contents


City Speech
Yishai Blank

A Stone of Hope: Legal and Empirical Analysis of California Juvenile Lifer Parole Decisions
Kristen Bell

Paper Courts and Parental Rights: Balancing Access, Agency, and Due Process
Tianna N. Gibbs

Symposium—Black, Poor, and Gone: Civil Rights Law’s Inner-City Crisis

Black, Poor, and Gone: Civil Rights Law’s Inner-City Crisis
Anthony V. Alfieri

Safety, Friendship, and Dreams
Monica C. Bell

Assessing the Impact of Gentrification on Eviction: A Spatial Modeling Approach
Ayobami Laniyonu

Fair Housing’s Drug Problem: Combatting the Racialized Impact of Drug-Based Housing Exclusions Alongside Drug Law Reform
Emily Ponder Williams

Vouchers and Affordable Housing: The Limits of Choice in the Political Economy of Place
Rigel C. Oliveri

The Hidden Fences Shaping Resegregation
Jeannine Bell


Jails as Polling Places: Living Up to the Obligation to Enfranchise the Voters We Jail
Dana Paikowsky

When Disability Is a “Nuisance”: How Chronic Nuisance Ordinances Push Residents with Disabilities Out of Their Homes
Alisha Jarwala & Sejal Singh

Pluralism at Work: Rethinking the Relationship Between Religious Liberty and LGBTQ Rights in the Workplace
Marilyn Gabriela Robb