Bill Alford

As his cousin, I am not fully aware of all of Bill’s professional successes, but I am honored to share a few personal thoughts. In the late 1960s and early 1970s before trade relations opened between the U.S. and China, Bill was studying Chinese and the Far East. Some of his relatives wondered what he would use this part of his education for. I want to congratulate Bill for finding a use for it. It appears to have worked out alright. As a human being, I find him to be a true gem. One of his attributes that impresses me the most is being very generous with his time, even with his busy schedule. Of special note in this area is his love for supporting Harvard Hockey with his family, his long term leadership relationship with the Special Olympics, and his involvement with the Harvard Law School Project on Disabilities (HPOD). At the hockey games, so many former players would seek him out, with admiration.  Also, Bill has always found the time to participate in family events. My wife has commented that she loves to hear a Harvard Professor trash talking the other team during a game of family basketball. A true pleasure and cherished memory.

I do want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share a few thoughts as a tribute to my friend. I know that he will continue to contribute to the Harvard community and the causes that he cherishes.

Cuz Bill