Bretton Woods 3.0? The Future of International Economic Law

The Harvard International Law Journal and the Harvard Law and International Development Society hosted the 2024 Harvard International Law Symposium: Bretton Woods 3.0? The Future of International Economic Law on Saturday, March 2, 2024. The symposium brought together some of the world’s leading experts on international economic law to discuss international trade, development, and finance in today’s great power era. Read the symposium roundup below.

2024 Symposium Roundup
Conference Information

Please join us on Saturday, March 2nd at Austin Hall on the Harvard Law Campus for our 2024 International Law Conference entitled The Future of International Economic Law, hosted by the Harvard International Law Journal and Law and International Development Society.

This year’s conference features four panels and one keynote speech and focuses on the changing nature of multilateral cooperation in international economic law. Each discussion will cover key topics related to this theme, drawing on experts from the legal industry, academia, and intergovernmental organizations. Panels will focus on (1) foreign investment and emerging market development, (2) sovereign debt restructuring with the rise of new powers, (3) the future of international financial law, and (4) avenues for global trade reform.

This year our keynote speech will be delivered by Mr. Hassane Cisse, an expert in international development law and former Deputy General Counsel of the World Bank Group. Mr. Cisse will focus his comments on global governance and institutional reform issues facing international organizations.

The conference will include a complimentary breakfast and lunch.