Volume 61, Issue 1

Table of Contents




Cut These Words: Passion and International Law of War Scholarship

By: Naz Modirzadeh


“A Margin of Appreciation”: Appreciating Its Irrelevance in International Law

By: Gary Born, Danielle Morris & Stephanie Forrest


Swimming Against the Current: Revisiting the Principles of International Water Law in the Resolution of Fresh Water Disputes

By: Tamar Meshel


The Liberty to Spy

By: Asaf Lubin


The I.G. Farben Trial: Evidentiary Standards and Procedures and the Problem of Creating Legitimacy

By: Allie Brudney


Front Matter

Volume 60, Issue 2

Table of Contents



Keynote Address

Reflections on International Law in Changing Times

By: Nawaf Salam

In honor of our 60th Anniversary, Judge Nawaf Salam presented a Keynote Address at our 2019 Symposium in Cambridge. This is an edited version of his speech. 



Methodological Individualism

By: Tamar Megiddo


The ICO Gold Rush: It’s a Scam, It’s a Bubble, It’s a Super Challenge for Regulators

By: Dirk A. Zetzsche, Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner, and
Linus Föhr


Settling Human Rights Violations

By: Jorge Contesse


Do Clarified Indirect Expropriation Clauses in International Investment Treaties Preserve Environmental Regulatory Space?

By: Ying Zhu


“The Big 5”: Re-evaluating the Role of the Biodiversity Conventions in Protecting the African Elephant

By: Ann Madding


Front Matter

Volume 60, Issue 1

Table of Contents




Do Alternative Justice Mechanisms Deserve Recognition in International Criminal Law?: Truth Commissions, Amnesties, and Complementarity at the International Criminal Court

By: Martha Minow


Precedent and Dialogue in Investment Treaty Arbitration

By: Richard C. Chen


Tides of Climate Change: Protecting the Natural Wealth Rights of Disappearing States

By: Ori Sharon


Hiding in Plain Sight: The Power of Public Governance in International Arbitration

By: C.J.W. Baaij



Conceptualizing the Relationship between International Human Rights Law and Private International Law

By: Mark Hirschboeck

Volume 59, Issue 2

Front Matter


The Trump Administration and the “Unmaking” of International Agreements
By: Catherine Amirfar & Ashika Singh

Non-Parties: The Negative Externalities of Regional Trade Agreements in a Private Law Perspective
By: Daniela Caruso

The Judicialization of Peace
By: Courtney Hillebrecht & Alexandra Huneeus, with Sandra Borda

The Fault Is Not in Our Stars: Avoiding an Arms Race in Outer Space
By: David A. Koplow

Book Review


Punishment and Protection, Two Sides of the Same Sword: The Problem of International Criminal Law Under the Refugee Convention
By: Zoë Egelman


Volume 59, Issue 1


Targeted Capture
By: Alexander K.A. Greenawalt

The Extraterritorial Application of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
By: Markus Vordermayer

Unraveling the Confused Relationship Between Treaty Obligations to Extradite or Prosecute and “Universal Jurisdiction” in the Light of the Habré Case
By: Matthew Garrod

The Limits of Moral Limitations: Reconceptualizing “Morals” in Human Rights Law
By: Ryan Thoreson


Independent Without Independence: The Iraqi-Kurdish Peshmerga in International Law
By: Crispin Smith


Volume 58, Issue 2


WTO Trade and Environment Jurisprudence: Avoiding Environmental Catastrophe
By: Joel P. Trachtman

International Law and Its Histories: Methodological Risks and Opportunities
By: Valentina Vadi

What Is an International Crime? (A Revisionist History)
By: Kevin Jon Heller

Sovereignty and Normative Conflict: International Legal Realism as a Theory of Uncertainty
By: Ryan Mitchell


We Have the Right Tools: An Examination and Defense of Spending in International Adoption
By: Ann Smith