John Kamm
Executive Director, Dui Hua

In recent years, Professor Alford has been my host on numerous visits to Harvard. He has gone the extra mile, helping me with arrangements and opportunities to address his class of bright and engaging students, and others, as well as get-togethers with faculty members.

He has asked me to assist on sensitive cases, which I have gladly done.

My time at Harvard in recent years has been among the happiest days of my “second career” as a human rights activist, the executive director of The Dui Hua Foundation.

Through Professor Alford’s assistance, a colleague and I have accessed Harvard’s unparalleled collections to search for and find hundreds of cases of prisoners, many of whose names were, prior to our discovery, unknown to the outside world. 

Professor Alford has helped save lives, including those with disabilities in China, and has given form to the Talmud’s teaching that “He who saves a life saves the world entire.”