Robert D. Williams
J.D.’10, Harvard Law School; Executive Director, Paul Tsai China Center; Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School

Professor Alford is a rare combination: brilliant legal scholar, engaging teacher, devoted mentor, and deeply compassionate human being.  On top of being all these things to countless students and colleagues over the years, Bill has also been an exceptional leader and innovator. As Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, Bill created innumerable opportunities for students to pursue their academic and professional interests in international law, comparative legal studies, and global justice.

I enrolled at Harvard Law School in large part because I wanted to study international law and China’s role in the world. Professor Alford was instrumental in making my law school experience a rewarding one, and he has supported me at every turn in my journey toward a career that combines law, China, and international relations. I treasure him as a teacher and mentor, but above all as a person committed to the common good of humanity. It is with gratitude and admiration that I congratulate Bill on his remarkable tenure as Vice Dean.