Steve Moore

Harvard College ’01, Professional Hockey Player

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bill Alford for over 20 years now and have watched with respect and admiration his prolific tenure as Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies at Harvard Law School. Over that time, I have been fortunate to see first-hand the many remarkable personal qualities that Bill possesses, and the impact he has had on those fortunate enough to be around him. His intelligence is evident in the quality of his scholarship and the many awards he has received for his significant academic contributions. His open mindedness has led to a transformation of HLS’s international programs. His inclusiveness has been the impetus behind HLS welcoming more international students to attend Harvard than any other U.S. law school, and to do so regardless of financial position. His generosity is seen in the boundless time, energy, and attention he devotes to countless students, former students, mentees, colleagues, and friends – listening, counselling, challenging, encouraging, and supporting them. His optimism and positivity have been instrumental in launching the many groundbreaking programs which have been met with great success during his tenure, including the HLS international exchange programs. His compassion and respect for all people, regardless of circumstance, has been evident in his work with the Special Olympics and the Harvard Law School Project on Disability. His wisdom has been a key guiding influence on countless successful careers of his former students and mentees, and has been recognized in his selection as faculty advisor to the Harvard Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey Team. His thoughtfulness is felt in virtually every interaction with him. The combination of all of these amazing personal qualities, rather remarkably found all in one person, has made Bill Alford one of the best ambassadors Harvard Law School has ever had.