Zeynep Ülkü Kahveci
LL.M.18, Harvard Law School

I feel lucky for having had the chance to be guided by Professor Alford’s mentorship during my LL.M. year. One of the things I enjoyed the most during the LL.M. was taking his Comparative and International Law Workshop where we delved into intellectual conversations while enjoying the snacks that he brought us every week! Also unforgettably, thanks to Professor Alford, I had the chance to go to my first ever ice hockey game when he was very generous to organize an outing for all LL.M.s to the ice hockey game between Harvard and Princeton. He gave us an informative speech before the game began and kept us updated with his live comments. As an aspiring academic, I take Professor Alford as a role model and hope I can become a professor who touches students’ lives both academically and culturally like him. I wish Professor Alford all the best in the new chapter of his career. Thank you for everything!