Timothy Brown
Managing Director (retired), Asia, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

Beyond their core identity as leading scholars, Harvard Faculty typically wear multiple hats.  The term university citizen aptly describes such individuals who actively pursue broad intellectual interests in service to the University and beyond.  While many colleagues and students have lauded Bill for his contributions as teacher and scholar, as one of Bill’s biggest fans at the University, I offer a somewhat different perspective.  First, Bill’s infectious enthusiasm is hard to miss.  Indeed, albeit serendipitous, it was Bill’s open, generous spirit that led to the first of many chance conversations during intermission at Crimson ice hockey games.  As diehard ice hockey fans, our paths would regularly cross at the Bright-Landry Ice Center, home to Crimson hockey.  When I learned Bill served as “Faculty Fellow” (informal team advisor) to the men’s hockey team, I spoke of my volunteer role as academic advisor to several team members.  Never one to miss an opportunity to collaborate and sensing a kindred spirit, Bill suggested I consider joining him as a Faculty Fellow supporting coach Ted Donato and the team.

I was inspired by Bill’s desire to make sure our student-athletes benefit fully from their Harvard education despite the modern student-athlete’s constrained life.  Equally inspiring is Bill’s ability to leverage his love of college sports with a longstanding commitment to the Special Olympic movement, both driven ultimately by a powerful desire to create opportunity for all.  From  arranging activities that bring hockey team members together with kids from the local chapter of the Special Olympics to organizing groups attending games typically culminating in visits with the team in their locker room, and many similar activities, Bill’s creative energy and generosity of spirit is a joy to watch.  I am deeply grateful to Bill as a mentor, demonstrating exactly what it means to be a great University citizen.