Current Issue

Volume 46 – Issue 3

Fall 2023


Common Good Constitutionalism

937 Strict Scrutiny, Religious Liberty, and the Common Good  Stephanie H. Barclay
957 Originalism, Common Good Constitutionalism, and Our Common Adversary: Fair-Weather Originalism Hon. James C. Ho
967 “Indispensably Obligatory”: Natural Law and the American Legal Tradition Hon. Paul B. Matey

When Moral Principles Meet the Normative or Deliberative Stance of Judges: The Layers of Common Good Constitutionalism 

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco
1009 Equal Dignity and the Common Good  Michael Foran
1029 Common Good Gun Rights Darrell A. H. Miller
1055 The Irish Constitution and Common Good Constitutionalism Conor Casey
1091 The “Common Good” in Hungarian Judicial Interpretation: Footnotes for America Debates on Common Good Constitutionalism Márton Sulyok
1123 Towards a Liberal Common Good Constitutionalism for Polarized Times Linda C. McClain & James E. Fleming
1149 Flourishing, Virtue, and Common Good Constitutionalism Lawrence B. Solum
1177 Experiments of Living Constitutionalism Cass R. Sunstein
1197 Common Good Constitutionalism and Common Good Originalism: A Convergence? Josh Hammer
1217 Originalism, Common Good Constitutionalism, and Transparency Michael L. Smith
1243 The Common Good as a Reason to Follow the Original Meaning of the United States Constitution Lee J. Strang
1271 According to Law Stephen E. Sachs
1299 Enriching Legal Theory Adrian Vermeule


1331 The 2023 Scalia Lecture: Beyond Textualism? William Baude


1353 Privacy and Prophylactics Moshe Schwartz

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