Interested in Joining JLPP?

Membership of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy is open to all interested Harvard Law School students, including 1Ls, transfer students, and LLM candidates.

The Journal typically asks first-year law students to start as Editors. Editors are responsible for verifying the accuracy of an article’s citations and ensuring that those citations are in the correct legal citation format and comply with the Journal’s internal stylebook. Editors generally work on three editing assignments each year and typically receive seven to ten days to complete each assignment.

If an Editor demonstrates superior editing skills in the first assignments of the year, the Journal sometimes asks if the Editor is interested serving as a Senior Editor for the rest of that year. As with other JLPP promotions, factors in these decisions include overall editing abilities, attention to detail, knowledge of the Bluebook, and demonstrated commitment to the Journal.

For 2Ls and transfer students, the Journal still has several openings for Senior Editors. Senior Editors supervise and review the subciting work of JLPP Editors, perform line editing of the article text, and provide technical edits for article footnotes. Senior Editors generally go on to become Executive Editors or to join the JLPP Upper Masthead as 3Ls. The Journal will make these Senior Editor decisions on a case-by-case basis, taking into account prior journal experience (including invitations to join journals at previously attended law schools) and the results of a modified version of our editing competition. These students also are welcome to serve as Editors and will be considered for promotions later in the year.

If you are interested in joining, please contact incoming JLPP Editor-in-Chief Mario Fiandeiro at