Current Issue

Volume 47 – Issue 1

Spring 2024

Law and Democracy

1 Remarks to the Federalist Society National Student Symposium Governor Greg Abbott
13 Four Views of the Nature of the Union Jud Campbell
39 Templates of American Democracy for the 21st Century: The Importance of Looking at American State Constitutions Sanford Levinson
57 What Democracy is Not Daniel H. Lowenstein
65 How Federalism Promotes Unity Through Diversity Ilya Somin


75 The Value of Dissent Hon. Patrick Bumatay


95 Boycotts: A First Amendment History Josh Halpern and Lavi M. Ben Dor
167 History, Public Rights, and Article III Standing Owen B. Smitherman


231 Legal Choices: The State Constitutionality of School Voucher Programs Theodore Steinmeyer
263 Compelling Compliance: Disciplining Agencies Through Statutory Deadlines Marisa Sylvester

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